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BestFREE.ru — it's a place, where you can download the best freeware soft for job and joy :).

The main our principle is: better less, but better. We strive to collect on the site the highest-quality applications that can help you to solve any problems with the least effort and totally free.

The Newest Soft

File Search: DocFetcher 1.1.19 File Search: DocFetcher 1.1.19

An application for quick file search in the desired folders both with the files names, and their content...

File viewing: Universal Viewer File viewing: Universal Viewer

It is a universal file viewer with the wide range of the supporting formats...

Task Manager: Process Explorer 16.20 Task Manager: Process Explorer 16.20

A freeware application for the standard Task Manager replacement...

Virtual disc: DAEMON Tools Lite 10.5.0 Virtual disc: DAEMON Tools Lite 10.5.0

Free program for virtual discs creating and working with them. DAEMON Tools Lite also supports image-files created with other programs (Alcohol 120%, Nero etc.)...

Virtual Machine: VirtualBox 5.1.12 Virtual Machine: VirtualBox 5.1.12

An application that emulates different operation systems on the base of the Windows...

Browser Cleaning: Clear cache and cookies in Chrome Browser Cleaning: Clear cache and cookies in Chrome

An Incorrect browser work or incorrect sites displaying may indicate that your browser needs a major cleanup. We will tell you how to clear the cache and delete cookies in Google Chrome...

Registry cleaning: CCleaner 5.25.5902 Registry cleaning: CCleaner 5.25.5902

Free program for registry and discs cleaning from rubbish. Frees place at the winchester speed-up all system...

Background Defragmenting: Smart Defrag 5.4 Background Defragmenting: Smart Defrag 5.4

Hard disk files defragmenter. Its main particularity is an automatic work in background mode (when the computer stands without doing any actions). It is very comfortable...

Tweaker: Glary Utilities Tweaker: Glary Utilities

The program for quick Windows settings configuring and improving of the system functioning...

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Virtual Machine VirtualBox 5.1.12
Virtual Machine

Mouse Settings X-Mouse Button Control 2.14
Mouse Settings

Desktop Icons Sorting sTabLauncher 2.2.3
Desktop Icons Sorting

DBF Editor Sdbf 4.5
DBF Editor

Make a screenshot PicPick 4.2.1
Make a screenshot

HTML editor RJ TextEd 11.20
HTML editor

Task Scheduler xStarter
Task Scheduler

FTP-client FileZilla

Network setting SG TCP Optimizer 4.0.6
Network setting

Video Converter Any Video Converter 6.0.6
Video Converter

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