Phrasebook for Android

Phrasebook for Android is an application that is designed to replace traditional travel phrasebooks in paper form.

Phrasebook generally is a book where the phrases of a foreign language with translation and transcription in the native language of person who wants to communicate with foreigners are collected. All phrases in phrasebooks are usually sorted by topics of communication, for example, "Restaurant", "Shop", "Customs", etc., which makes it easier to find the replica in a certain situation.

However, the paper book format has a number of inconveniences in use. For example, the main one - the need to constantly flipping the pages to find the right expression. With the development of electronics it began to appear a variety of electronic, and later digital, specialized devices that partially solved the problem, but they were expensive and sometimes took place even more than an ordinary book, so today they are almost completely replaced with the soft phrasebooks for different platforms.

You can find a very good free Russian-English phrasebook for Android OS that will work equally well as with a budget smartphone with a small screen resolution, and the top-end multi-core tablet at this page. Russian-English phrase tourist LITE can be downloaded by the one of the links below.

Russian-English tourist phrasebook LITE 4.0.2Silver medal from

Phrasebook for Android Russian-English tourist phrasebook LITE 4.0.2
3.6 MB (APK-installer in SFX)
Android 2.3 and higher
The home site:
Similar paid soft:

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Russian-English tourist phrasebook LITE 4.0.2

Free Russian-English phrasebook for Android, which contain more than 1,500 words and phrases for all occasions for ordinary Russian tourists abroad :).

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