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BestFREE.ru — it's a place, where you can download the best freeware soft for job and joy :).

The main our principle is: better less, but better. We strive to collect on the site the highest-quality applications that can help you to solve any problems with the least effort and totally free.

The Newest Soft

File Server: Dropbox 32.4.23 File Server: Dropbox 32.4.23

A Cloud file server which allows you to save freely from 2 up to 18 GB of any files and work with them through the client application or web-interface...

Package Tracking: TrackChecker 1.0.14 b470 Package Tracking: TrackChecker 1.0.14 b470

One of the best applications for package tracking via the Internet...

Online Storage: CarotDAV 1.14.6 Online Storage: CarotDAV 1.14.6

An universal client to exchange data between the local computer and remote file servers, and online storages...

Desktop fan: Mini fan with your own hands Desktop fan: Mini fan with your own hands

An article on how to make a fan from the unnecessary old computer parts without soldering and deep knowledge in electrical engineering...

Network Settings: NetSetMan 4.4.1 Network Settings: NetSetMan 4.4.1

A freeware application for quickly network switching. It may be used as non-commercial soft and provides us up to the six profiles with a different network settings...

Torrent-client: qBittorrent 3.3.15 Torrent-client: qBittorrent 3.3.15

Torrent client with integrated search, with the help of which you can find any movie or music that you have been looking for or download files from your favorite torrent tracker...

File hosting downloader: MiPony 2.5.4 File hosting downloader: MiPony 2.5.4

A free application which gives us an additional freedom on the files downloading from the online file storage providers....

Music downloading from the VKontakte: VKMusic 4.73.1 Music downloading from the VKontakte: VKMusic 4.73.1

The application for music and video (including HD) downloading from the Vkontakte network...

Torrent stream: Ace Stream 3.1.11 Torrent stream: Ace Stream 3.1.11

Almost the only software today designed for torrents stream playing without their downloading on the computer...

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Virtual Machine VirtualBox 5.1.22
Virtual Machine

Mouse Settings X-Mouse Button Control 2.16
Mouse Settings

DBF Editor Sdbf 4.5
DBF Editor

Make a screenshot PicPick 4.2.5
Make a screenshot

HTML editor RJ TextEd 12.20
HTML editor

Task Scheduler xStarter
Task Scheduler

FTP-client FileZilla

Desktop Icons Sorting sTabLauncher 2.2.3
Desktop Icons Sorting

Network setting SG TCP Optimizer 4.0.6
Network setting

SSH-client WinSCP 5.9.6

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