QR codes for Android

QR code (short. from "quick response") is a relatively new (this year will be a 20 years anniversary since its invention) type of barcodes, which, unlike its predecessor as a series of vertical lines of varying heights and widths, can store far more information to coding in a matrix structure.

QR codes are used to encode text information, however, this information may be quite diverse. For example, you can encrypt the address of any website, bookmark to your browser, an email with the subject, a text message, your business card or geographical coordinates. In addition, some specifications are able to encode small images (however, in most cases, if you want to upload an image, it gives a direct link).

A particular feature of QR codes is that they can be easily read without the need to use any special equipment, such as laser scanners, etc. You can recognize it even with the not very strong camera of smartphone or tablet. However, it needs to provide the device with the appropriate application.

If you are interested to join the QR codes using in your life, then one of the best software scanners and, at the same time, the matrix codes generator for Android is a QR Droid application. You can download it from this page.

QR Droid Private 6.8Golden medal from BestFREE.ru

QR codes for Android QR Droid Private 6.8
12.7 MB (APK-installer in SFX)
Android 2.0 and above
The home site:
Similar paid soft:
QRCodePro (2.5 USD)

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QR Droid Private 6.8

Free QR code scanner app for Android, which can not only recognize, but also to create codes of almost any complexity!

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