Android ICQ

Android ICQ is often, a multiprotocol client for instant messaging through a variety of services (not necessarily just ICQ).

Modern Android devices are tightly integrated with various services from Google, but only Google Talk protocol is not enough for everyone to communicate. If you have used some messengers under Windows, you will probably want to have a universal tool on your mobile gadget too.

As such universal ICQ for Android we recommend IM +, which you will find on this page. It allows you to correspond with people in almost all the popular messaging networks, has integrated support for Push mode and does not delete the message history from the server of your ISP! You can download this application by one of the links below.

IM+ 7.0.2Golden medal from BestFREE.ru

Android ICQ IM+ 7.0.2
17.0 MB (APK-installer in SFX)
Android 2.1 (старая версия) и 4.1 и выше (текущая)
The home site:
Similar paid soft:
IM+ PRO (4.99 USD)

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IM+ 7.0.2

Free multiprotocol ICQ for Android. It allows you to avoid installing a whole bunch of different applications to communicate in a variety of IM networks!

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