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Document scanner is a device that allows you to transfer text data from paper to computer as editable electronic document. The scanning process can be divided into two phases: the photocopie creation and recognition of the scan content.

A scanner for PC-like device allows only to make copies of the scanned material into a graphical file, whereas recognition can be proceed only with the additional software that is often paid.

Devices bases on Android can solve a scanning problem a little differently. As the camera is already built in them (and sometimes with flash) they has already a potential possibility of any documents photocopying. It is necessary only to complect a device with a special application for recognition of the text and creation of edited documents based on the distinguished scans. If you want all in one and for free, then read about the Textfee application which we offer on this page! It is possible to download APK-file of the app with one of the links below.

Textfee 3.1.3Silver medal from

Documents Scanner Textfee 3.1.3
29.2 MB (APK-installer in SFX, without dictionaries)
Android 4.0.3 and higher
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Textfee 3.1.3

Free application to scan documents using the Android-based devices. It allows you to recognize the text both shooted with the integrated camera and downloaded from any source as a graphic file. However, for the qualitative detection it is required to have a 5 Megapixel or more camera (preferably with flash), or the source images with a density of at least 300 pixels per inch (300 DPI).

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