Antivirus for Android

Antivirus is an application that allows you to protect your device against the various malware attacks. And a good antivirus must not only find viruses in the already installed software, but also to detect them before downloading, and ideally, also control all of your Internet traffic.

Android OS, due to its prevalence on phones has become a "tasty morsel" for all sorts of swindlers. With the help of viruses, they are now able to deduct money from your account, and even steal information about your bank and social networking accounts!

Despite the obvious danger, many smartphones and tablets owners still do not use antivirus software. If you are among these people, or want to improve your device protection, then you need to download one of the best mobile antivirus software from this page!

TrustGo Mobile Security 3.1.0Golden medal from

Antivirus for Android TrustGo Mobile Security 3.1.0
9.0 MB (APK-installer in SFX)
Android 4.0 and higher (old version: 2.1 and higher)
The home site:
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TrustGo Mobile Security 3.1.0

Free Antivirus - the winner of the international Android antivirus software test. In addition to the anti-virus the application includes tools for system settings and installed applications tweaking. There is also an AntiTheft-module that allows remotely lock your device in case of loss!

ATTENTION: You can download the old version for Android 2.2 and higher by the direct link!

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