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Android cleaning is a serie of actions aimed at a system optimization of the mobile device. Contrary to the popular belief that Android does not require any interferences in its work by the user, the reality often shows a variety of problems (especially on budget phones and tablets) with the lack of RAM and dedicated memory. So, the task of working improving of the device can be divided into two processes: RAM cleaning to speed up and device's allocated memory cleanup to increase the free space under the applications and other relevant data.

Each action can be done without the third-party software, but it is not so easy and not so fast. In addition, removing unwanted files manually with a file manager, we risk to delete some important system elements by mistake. So I recommend to use a special application for simple, fast and safe system cleaning.

The Clean Master app, which you can find on this page, allows for a couple of clicks to free up an allocated memory by clearing caches and removing unwanted applications, as well as clean up RAM by stopping of the current background processes. You can download the application file with one of the links below.

Clean Master 6.12.6Golden medal from

Android Cleaner Clean Master 6.12.6
23.8 MB (APK-installer in SFX)
Android 5.0 ang higher (old version Android 2.1+)
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Clean Master 6.12.6

Free application for Android system cleaning up. It allows you to clear the memory by the background processes stopping, delete the cache and history of the installed applications. In addition, with the help of this app you can to backup applications, and to transfer some of them from the built-in device storage to the external SD-card.

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