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A Browser is an application that allows you to see all kinds of Internet resources. The standard functions of a web browser are HTML-code processing and interpretation to show it on the display of PC or mobile device.

Nowadays there are not only browsers for the usual PCs, but also for almost all mobile platforms. This allows you to access the Internet, even with an ordinary cell phone with built-in GPRS-signal receiver.

This page presents one of today's best mobile JAVA browser – UC Browser.

UC Browser Mobile medal from

JAVA Browser UC Browser Mobile
0.7 MB (Java-archive in SFX)
MIDP 2.0
The home site:

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UC Browser Mobile

Free JAVA browser for cell phones. It is distinguished by an extremely small size (about three times smaller than Opera Mini) and the availability of advanced features such as traffic compression, support for tabs and work with the clipboard! The only drawback of this browser is that you can not disable traffic compression. That affects the common sites, not adapted for mobile phone, styles display.

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