Lunar Calendar

A Lunar Calendar is a special calendar that relates normal count of days (the solar calendar) with the phases of the moon's motion.

Such calendars were used by our ancestors, because people believed that the moon in a certain position on the sky in a special way may affect the person and his destiny! For example, according to a phase of our satellite they decide which crops to plant and cultivate in a particular day, is it possible to play a wedding, and even if you can cut hair!

Want to check on a correct of the age-old observation? Then download the lunar calendar for your computer from this page!

TNR MoonLight 2.86.258Silver medal from

Lunar Calendar TNR MoonLight 2.86.258
3.1 MB (installer)
Windows XP/Vista/7 32&64-bit
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TNR MoonLight 2.86.258

An Electronic lunar calendar that lets you know the exact moon day in your area, as well as astrological recommendations for this day. This application combines the functionality of many different specialized calendars and allows you to get not only a general data about the lunar day, but also an information about health, finance, relationships, moods, and agriculture!

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