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Sega is an internationally known brand in the 90 years of the twentieth century, that has become popular due to its video games systems Genesis and MegaDrive, which usually have in mind when using the word "Sega". Nowadays, Sega has lost its position, but at the time it was the first 16-bit console with a quite good graphics and a lot of great games that are still loved by a lot of fans.

It is quite difficult to find a working version of consoles and even cartridges for it today, so many PC users who like to play old games use Sega emulator. It is the software implementation of a real console, which allows you to run most of the games available for download from the Internet for informational purposes in the form of the roms (cartridges' images).

If you want to reminisce about your childhood (or see what games played your elder brothers and even fathers :)), then you can use a Sega emulator from this page and step by step advices for dealing with it.

Gens 2.14Golden medal from

Sega Emulator Gens 2.14
0.6 MB (portable)
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 32&64-bit
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Gens 2.14

A Software emulator of the popular in the 90 years video game consoles of Sega company . It allows you to run most of the old games as well as a real console. Also the emulator has a number of improvements, which were not even in the classic console, simplifying the process of passing and diversify of almost any game.

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