Steam Cards

Farming, Steam cardsSteam Cards are the images collections created based on varying games on the popular gaming platform Steam. They are given away to the users for completing some certain actions (games buying, walkingthrough or tasks finishing) and also may be bought or exchanged with another players.

The cards have aesthetic (player profile decoration) and collection value. So some of them may be very expensive (especially rare premium cards). The user can purchase unique virtual items and even new games for virtual money gained from selling the cards! However, to obtain all the available collection you need much and hard to play on Steam.

If you want to simplify and automate as much as possible the gaming cards collecting (so called "farming"), you can use Idle Master application.

Idle Master 1.4.1

Steam Cards Idle Master 1.4.1
1.4 МB (portable)
Windows 7/8/10 32&64-bit | Linux
The home site:
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Idle Master 1.4.1

An application that maximally automates and speeds up the Steam cards farming without the need to play games.

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