Data recovery

Data Recovery is a process of getting an access to the earlier deleted data on hard disc drive or removable drive. Unfortunately, you have such an ability not every time. It is connected with a principle of storing information on modern media, which is based on using of the file table. In fact, when we delete any file from the Recycle Bin, it is not going away physically it is only the note about it in the file table removed, and the file markes as an area for dubbing. Due to this we can try to restore the needed data. However, as I mentioned above, an attempt may be unsuccessful the file you want was overwrited with some information. So as soon as you notice the loss of important data, try to use the application for files recovery immediately.

Today, for this purpose, there are dozens of free and paid apps. We can not to say that there is a best one of them, because they all have as their advantages and disadvantages. I think that a good data recovery software should be able to act as with a single file, and rebuild the directory structure. And such a solution can be found on this page!

R.saver 6.19Golden medal from

Data recovery R.saver 6.19
3.3 MB (portable)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32&64-bit
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Similar paid soft:
Power Data Recovery (from 3315 RUR)

R.saver 6.19

An universal application for deleted files recovery which has several quite good algorithms for data mining. Because of this, the application can be used to find accidentally deleted information, and rebuild the file system of the formatted disk!

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