Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer — is a built in tool of the Windows OS family for visual files and folders managing on the hard drives and connected devices.

Many people get used to the Explorer so that they don't want to see its obvious shortcomings in terms of navigation and file management, while others are abandoning it in favor of full-fledged file managers.

If you consider yourself to be the first type of users and don't want to refuse Explorer, you may want to make it better somehow. In this case, the application posted on this page will help you. It allows you to keep a familiar look of Explorer, but it significantly improves its functionality.

Clover 3.4.5 beta

Windows Explorer Clover 3.4.5 beta
5.9 MB (installer)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32&64-bit
The home site:
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Clover 3.4.5 beta

The application for the improvement of the Windows Explorer functional. It allows you to integrate into Explorer some features of the popular browser Google Chrome , such as working with multiple tabs in a single window and bookmarks for frequently used files and folders.

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