File types

File type is a generalized classification of any file, which, as the main criterion for dividing to the groups, uses information about the contents of these files and extensions of their names. There are several main types: graphic (for example, JPG, GIF, PNG), text (TXT, RTF, DOC), archives (ZIP, RAR, 7Z), library (DLL), etc.

Usually, Windows can only detect the most common files of a certain type. For example, system "understands" only JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and some others (about ten) of the graphic files. Then, as there are several dozen of image formats!

Unknown file formats often have an extension that tells us the name of the program, which allows you to open files of that type. However, this is, alas, not always. The developers, for example, usually have a practice of giving a new names, enhanced with a hint of that information is contained in the file...

In any case, if you do not know how to open an unknown file, you can proceed in two ways. The first is to find a reference to the file extension in the Internet (for example, "open XML"). Maybe not with the first try, but you will find the information you need. The second way is to use a special applications.

An example of such software can be free AZFiles File Info utility. It automatically checks for the type of file you have selected and provides comprehensive information on it, comparing it with a large database of file extensions. Download it and learn about its features you can from this page.

AZFiles File Info

File types AZFiles File Info
29.9 MB (installer)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32&64-bit
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AZFiles File Info

Free application to determine the file type by its extension. It allows you to find out the type of an unknown file and download a software that can open it.

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