Files Monitoring

Files monitoring is a process of a real-time folder checking for changes in its file structure. This feature is sometimes very useful, if the PC that stores your personal data has several people. Whom to ask about the lost valuable document? Or how to find out who was rummaging in your photos while you are away?

Fortunately, the questions provided have an answer — special applications that allow you to set files tracking in your personal folder. Such applications are typically paid and they are few, but we have dug a free analog and offer you to download it from this page!

Simple Watcher 1.6.6

Files Monitoring Simple Watcher 1.6.6
1.2 MB (portable)
Interface:Russian/English only from the Home site
Windows XP/Vista/7 32&64-bit
The home site:
Similar paid soft:
Folder Watchdog Service (from 600 RUR.)

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Simple Watcher 1.6.6

A small utility that does not require installation, designed to monitor the files in a specified folder. It can monitor both local and network folders and display notifications on the desktop as well as through a network or by E-mail! The application also includes the ability of quickly responding to a changes by running the bat-files or specific apps.

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