Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions (short. RegExp) it is a specific language designed specifically for the searching and processing of any text. The main feature of regular expressions is to help to find us not only the individual well-known pieces of the text, but also the text corresponding to a particular search mask with the unknown content! To find a specific part of the text it is enough to make a template using the known fragments close to the desired one, as well as special characters in the language of regular expressions.

Today, the most widely spread is a PERL-like regexps format. It became popular due to the fact that it has an extended syntax and allows each detected fragment expressed through a variable that can be used for flexible replacement. Free application presented at this page, just help us to find and replace text in multiple files using PERL-like regular expressions.

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Regular Expressions uvFilesCorrector 5.2 beta
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uvFilesCorrector 5.2 beta

Free application for text searching and replecing with the regular expressions. It allows to create a tet search mask and express each of found fragments with a variable, which can be used on the replacement stage.

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