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Image ConverterImage Converter is a software or application's component (e.g., system library) that allows you to change graphic files formats from one into another with or without loses in quality.

You may need graphics converting in different situations but the most wide spreaded cases for that are the certain requirements for the supported file types in a certain software or operating system. Also the converting often uses in the web development because of different graphic containers allows to store the same images with a different effectiveness.

The format change function is usually provides by the graphical editors and image viewers. But sometimes it is more comfortable to use some special converters like AVS Image Converter which you can find at this page.

AVS Image Converter

Images Converter AVS Image Converter
22.8 MB (installer)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32&64-bit
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AVS Image Converter

A free images converter which can be embedded into the context menu, quickly change the graphic files formats, perform a color correction and watermarks applying.

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Просмотрщик фотографий: XNView
Бесплатный просмотрщик фотографий с ненавязчивым интерфейсом, имеющий все необходимые функции для просмотра и несложной обработки изображений.
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