Graphics Optimizing

Graphics Optimizing is a set of actions aimed at reducing the total amount of images stored on the web or on your computer. Optimization can be of two types: with losses of image quality (which is visible to the naked eye) and lossless (throug the compression of bytecodes of which is an image file consists of). Also, one of the optimization methods can be a linear sizes modified (generally proportional decrease in the width and height).

You have to choose any optimization method considering a format of processed images. For example, it makes no sense to compress JPG-image, which was originally full of artifacts with lossless way, or convert your GIF-file into a full color PNG.

If you create an image from scratch, it is more reasonable to optimize it directly in a graphics editor. However, more recently we have to deal with a ready set of images, often considerable... Manual processsng of a large amount of graphics is rather difficult, so there are special utilities to perform optimization in automatic and semi-automatic modes. Such a free application we offer you to download from this page!

RIOT 0.6Golden medal from

Graphics Optimizing RIOT 0.6
1.4 MB (installer / portable)
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 32&64-bit
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RIOT 0.6

Free application for images optimizing and converting. It allows you to save images in one of the three most popular formats (JPG, PNG or GIF) for your choice and includes a full arsenal of tools designed to compress the size of any image files.

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