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Reading of the forums is very exciting thing. Exactly forums today are the main "suppliers" of all kinds of useful information. Here you can talk about abstract topics, to discuss important for you issues , and even solve almost any problem, in consultation with other members!

If you are registered on one or two forums, then you will not have a particular problem quickly look through important for you branches and topics. However, the modern Internet user often have accounts in dozens of diverse communities! In this case we have to choose: spend the time to "bypass" and read all the forums, or to view only some of them. For such dilemmas do not arise, the experts use special applications designed to monitor changes on a variety of websites and forums. If you want to quickly and effectively monitor the dozens (if not hundreds) of Internet resources, then you simply need to download a program from this page!

Web Forum Reader 3.0

Forum Reader Web Forum Reader 3.0
2.5 МB (installer)
Windows XP/Vista/7 32&64-bit
The home site:
Similar paid soft:

Web Forum Reader 3.0

One of the few free apps to monitor forums and websites. It allows you to automatically check for changes in the topics of any forums branch and displays a list of all the changes on your screen, like in the e-mail client! View news is possible both from the application (using the built-in browser), and from any external Internet browser.

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