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Menu (fr. menu ) is an element of the user interface, allowing you to select one of more of the application options. In modern operating systems, the menu is a key element of the graphical user interface.

In the Web development menu is used for the sites navigation. A Good menu allows the user to quickly find the needed information. This affects the rising of the site credibility in his eyes.

In order to create a good site menu it used to be necessary to understand the intricacies of programming and web coding. Today, with the help of special tools everyone can create a convenient multi-level animated menu! At this page you can find a just free application for visually creation of a menu for your site, without any knowledge of programming languages.

CSS Menu Generator 4.1

Site Menu CSS Menu Generator 4.1
3.8 MB (installer)
Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit
The home site:
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CSS Menu Generator 4.1

The application for easy creating of the site navigation in visual mode. The advantage of this application is clean, valid, cross-browser code of the created menu. The CSS technology, which is used to create them, does not depend on the user's browser settings, as in the case with the using of JavaScript menus.

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