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Online storages (or cloud drives) are online services that allow the user to store any data in the Internet on a dedicated server. Access to these services is usually available through a web interface and / or a special client software. The advantage of that clients is, once set up the application, you get full access to their online store without having to re-enter username and password. Also, customers usually have a number of additional features that make it easier to work with the service.

Unfortunately, the free versions of the online drives are limited in the amount of space provided. So simple users typically have to work with multiple accounts on different services. This entails the installation of the additional software, which eventually leads to excess resources of the computer system...

To reduce the overloading on the workstation you can either completely eliminate the using of the additional applications, or you can install a special universal client for several file storages. Such a client, we offer you to download from this page!

CarotDAV 1.15.5Golden medal from

Online Storage CarotDAV 1.15.5
3.3 MB (installer / portable)
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10 32&64-bit
The home site:
Similar paid soft:
CloudBerry Explorer PRO (from RUR 1423,20)

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CarotDAV 1.15.5

An universal client to exchange data between the local computer and remote file servers, and online storages. It allows basic operations with files and folders, as well as to their rapid transmission over the web. The connection to the remote server is automatical without any user data inputing, which saves time.

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