SMS Sending

Send SMS from your PCSMS Sending (short. "Short Message Service") is a process of short text messages distribution to the phones of the certain mobile subscribers.

There are three ways to send SMS. The first – traditionally with a mobile phone for a small fee. Second – free from the website of the mobile operator. And the third – with the help of special programs for the PC. Software for sending SMS send messages completely free, or much cheaper than usual tariffs (e.g. like Skype).

Often, for sending free sms the programs use the mobile operators themselves websites that allow you to send a single message to its subscribers after entering the "captcha" (pictures with the code for protection against spam). This is done to attract extra visitors to their websites.

Exactly this "loophole" is used in the iSendSMS, which you'll see shortly on this page.


SMS Sending iSendSMS
2.0 MB (installer / portable)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32&64-bit
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A free application for sending SMS on mobile phones. At the moment, one of the few that is still being updated and improved by developers. Supports sending SMS to subscribers of most operators in Russia and CIS countries.

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