SMTP server

SMTP server is an application that allows you to send some E-Mail without any official mail servers and so without any control or rules. It may be useful if you need to send a lot of messages in one time (the mass responding).

SMTP (short. from Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol for E-Mail transferring in the TCP/IP networks.

SMTP is using for sending of some mail from the user to the servers and between servers for further transferring it to a recipient. For the mail receiving the E-Mail client has to use POP3 and IMAP protocols

The data are transferring with the TCP using mostly the 25-th and the 587-th ports. Servers are usually use the 25-th port for messages transferring.

SPECTral Personal SMTP Server 0.5 beta 1

SMTP server SPECTral Personal SMTP Server 0.5 beta 1
1.8 MB (installer)
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 32-bit
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SPECTral Personal SMTP Server 0.5 beta 1

SMTP server is an add-on for the Email client. It increases the abilities of messages sending and allows avoiding of some E-mail provider's limits. Features:

  • Handy, clear multilingual interface;
  • Detailed protocols of the server's working;
  • Multistream sending;
  • Proxy SMTP support;
  • User's DNS support;
  • SOCKS proxy support;
  • Connections filter (IP-filter);
  • The number of clients limiting;
  • The letter's size limiting;
  • LogIn or CRAM-MD5 authentification;
  • Authentification switch off;
  • Automatic sending (with the timer or on network connection).

Free SMTP server SPECTral Personal SMTP Server 0.5 beta 1

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