Interactive map of the metro

The interactive map of the metro provides additional comfort by comparison with the plain maps. E.g., such map will find the shortest rout between two stations itself, indicate the time for travelling and even show 3D model of any station.

Metro is a rail type of the urban transport which routes lies apart of the streets and as a rule under ground. The trains' traffic in the metro is regular, according to timetable. It differs with the high speed (up to 45 km/h) and transfer ability (up to 60 thousands passengers per hour in one direction).

pMetro 1.29.5 (25.09.18)Golden medal from

Interactive map of the metro pMetro 1.29.5 (25.09.18)
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pMetro 1.29.5 (25.09.18)

Reference book of the Moscow metro and undergrounds of another cities. It shows the scheme of the metro (and for some cities also the scheme of the electric trains), helps to find the shortest routes between the stations, and also describes, what we can find near the stations.

Particularities of the program:

  • Schemes of the metro for more than 120 cities of the world.
  • Scaling, smoothing of the picture.
  • We can assign some start and finish stations.
  • We can mark obligatory and undesirable stations.
  • Transport near the station, theatres, museums etc.
  • Zones of the covering of the cellular operators.
  • Overland transport.
  • Schemes and 3d-models for most of the Moscow stations.
  • Multilingual support.

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