Screen video capturing

Screen Video Capturing is a process of saving all the events on the screen to the futher editable video file with a special software.

In fact, the same result can be done simply by the filming the screen with the camcoder, but this method loses much to the software one both with the quality of the result, and additional features.

For example, a special software for screen video recording can highlight the active user actions such as clicking the mouse buttons or keys on the keyboard. Without these functions it is almost impossible to shot a high-quality video tutorial in which you want to explain to the learner, what, where and at what moment to press.

CamStudio 2.7.2 Build r326Silver medal from

Screen video capturing CamStudio 2.7.2 Build r326
1.4 MB (online-installer)
Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit
The home site:
Similar paid soft:
ScreenVirtuoso Pro (848 руб.)

CamStudio 2.7.2 Build r326

A free application for screencasting. You can use it for video tutorials, screencasts and other video from your screen creation.

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