Surveillance System

A Surveillance System is a hardware-software (or rarely fully hardware) complex, which consists of a network of video cameras and specially equipped operator console with monitors, and is intended for video surveillance.

With the development of digital technology and the cheapening of IP cameras a small surveillance networks became to appear almost everywhere. However, the software to work simultaneously with several cameras still stands pretty expensive... You will find the Daria application, which allows you to organize the surveillance system at the 3 IP cameras and 3 FTP for free at this page. You can download it by one of the links below.

Daria 180

Surveillance System Daria 180
106 MB (portable)
every Windows and Linux
The home site:
Similar paid soft:

Daria 180

An application for video surveillance system creation. It is one of a few software for current days, that allow you to work with up to 3 cameras (plus 3 FTP-cameras) for free.

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