Visual Novels

Visual novels are a special kind of text based games where players are invited to read some story, equipped with pictures and built in the form of dialogue (or monologue) of the game characters. This narrative can be nonlinear! That is, depending on the player's choice at the right points in the game, its plot will change.

Contemporary visual novels can usually be fitted with not only pictures and text, but also music, video, and animation. This makes it possible to use them not only as a simple game, but as educational materials (for e.g. in the primary school)! Such a game creating is not too difficult, if we have advanced software, designed for the visual novels creation. You can download such application from this page.

Renpy 6.16Silver medal from

Visual Novels Renpy 6.16
36.6 MB (portable)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32&64-bit, Linux, Mac OS X
The home site:
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Renpy 6.16

One of the few applications designed to create visual novels. It allows you to add to a narration variety of multimedia inserts (music, videos, and even mini-games). The only thing it does not have is a visual editor to edit the game — all done in Notepad-like editor with a special scripting language.

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