Life expectancy

Life expectancy is an average number of the future person's life years.

You can do an approximate calculation of human's life expectancy with the help of special programs.

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Life expectancy Date X Pro 2.1.7
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Date X Pro 2.1.7

The program allows to define human life expectancy and even... an exact date and conjectural reason to his death.

The Forecast is done basic on statistical data and the most latest scientific inventions in this area. By means of special system of the questions it is revealed and analysed for each person individually their:

  • vitally important organs condition;
  • hereditary diseases;
  • life style;
  • cardiovascular system condition;
  • ecology (there is an information about more than 3 thousands cities of the former USSR in database);
  • full biorhythmogramm with the provision for "critical" days.

The program will give you full report after the all calculations which you can print out and also advice you what to do for prolonging your life.

Life expectancy calculation Date X Pro 2.1.7

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