Woman Calendar

Woman calendar is a calendar that can be used for scoping the menstrual cycle. Usually all women make notes when their menstrual cycle began and ended there.

Today, with the development of progress, many women choose not to use plain paper calendars, but their electronic counterparts. The advantage of the cycle monitoring software is that it allows you to automatically calculate the date of the next menstruation, ovulation, and the "safe" days. Moreover, many of them have a function of the pregnancy calendar. If you are looking for a such application, you can download it from this page!

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Woman Calendar Woman Calendar from ZAYA 2.1
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Windows XP/Vista/7 32&64-bit
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Woman Calendar from ZAYA 2.1

Free woman calendar and a pregnancy calendar in one application! It allows you to automatically calculate the "safe days", the days of ovulation and menstruation, and to plan the sex of the future child. In the pregnancy calendar mode the application allows you to keep an observations diary, calculate the expected date of childbirth and receive information about the development of the fetus and the necessary actions of the expectant mother.

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