Books' cataloguer

A Books' cataloguer is an application for accounting of books in your library. With a good catalogue you can quickly find necessary book with one of its parameter like title, author, describing, year of publication or even the part of the text.

If you have in your library (plain or electronic) less than a hundrerd of books and use them very seldom, you maybe will never need such application. But if you have a big library with a valuable publications or downloaded from the Internet a lot of necessary E-books, then you can't do without the cataloguer.

The advantages of the electronic catalogue before the simple card catalog is an ability to search books in a lot of parameters. The searching goes more quickly. And also such catalogue doesn't occupy any physical space (only some megabytes on your hard disk). So, if your decided to make your library's account you have to learn with the freeware application below.

Calibre 3.35.0Silver medal from

Books' cataloguer Calibre 3.35.0
109 MB (installer / portable)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32&64-bit, Linux, Mac OS X
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Calibre 3.35.0

A freeware cataloguer for accounting of books in your home (and not only) library. It will be suitable for your e-books audition because it has a lot of suitable functions for working especially with them.

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