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PDF editorPDF editor a software for creating and editing files with the ".PDF" extension. As a rule this format uses for storing scanned docs and even books or либо different electronic polls with forms that may be filled up with some data.

The most of the popular PDF editors are paid and cost a lot of money. Partially the reason is that PDF for a long time (till 2008) was a closed format an belonged to Adobe company which created and supported it. So the concurrent software for PDF editing was nearly absent but that ones which appeared was made by a big corporates and so was also paid.

Fortunately, today in spite of the wide spreading the format became opened. So in the las years was created some good free PDF editors. We'll tell you about one of them — Icecream PDF Editor — below.

Icecream PDF Editor 1.17

PDF Editor Icecream PDF Editor 1.17
17.6 MB (installer)
Windows 7/8/10 32&64-bit
The home site:
Similar paid soft:
Soda PDF (from RUR 10945)

Icecream PDF Editor 1.17

Free PDF editor that can create PDF-docs from scratch, edit text in a certain files (if they have an OCR layer), remove defects from scans, add annotations, stamps and much more!

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