Adware removal

Adware (short. "advertisement + software") in general denotes every software which has a built-in advertisement. More narrowly it refers to an individual class of potentially unwanted software with a module displaying annoying or even malicious advertising.

Antiviruses are usually react for adware like for viruses, although, in fact, the adware itself usually does not carry any of threat. The danger can come from the advertising that is displayed to the user. If you click on it, then there is a possibility that the link to the advertiser's website will download a real virus to your computer!

In addition to the potential viral risk adware pretty much acts on nerves. There are a lot of various promotional banners, that hide our sight, or new programs that we didn't even intend to install or so on on the PC, which is infected by adware... This may not be fatal, but is rather unpleasant.

If you have noticed that recently it began appearing any additional ad units on your computer or some new pannels and toolboxes appeared in your browser, most likely, you have Lupus adware :) You will find an application called AdwCleaner at this page which main task is to detect and delete adware.

AdwCleaner 7.2.2

Adware removal AdwCleaner 7.2.2
10.9 MB (portable)
Windows XP/Vista (old version 6.047) 7/8/10 32&64-bit
The home site:
Similar paid soft:
Vba32 Personal (from RUR 77/month)

AdwCleaner 7.2.2

Free utility to detect and remove adware and other potentially unwanted software.

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