Background Defragmenting

Background Hard Disk Defragmenting is more convenient than the usual defrag (optimize the location of the fragments of files on disk) because it doesn't need to specifically run the defragmenter, and wait until it finishes its work. The process starts automatically at the moments the computer is idle and stops as soon as the user performs any action. Thus, the hard disk is constantly maintained in order, and it does not require the user's attention.

Smart Defrag 6.1.5Golden medal from BestFREE.ru

Background Defragmenting Smart Defrag 6.1.5
14.8 MB (installer)
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 32&64bit
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Smart Defrag 6.1.5

Hard disk files defragmenter. Its main particularity is an automatic work in background mode (when the computer stands without doing any actions). It is very comfortable.

Free discs defragmenter Smart Defrag 6.1.5

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