The Clipboard is a special temporary storage allocated by the operating system to implement the copy/cut and paste of any user data. The clipboard may store separate pieces of text or whole files and folders. Fast drag and drop files from one directory to another is also a merit of the clipboard! His only disadvantage is the loosing of the previous contents if you copy something else into it...

There are a lot of applications of the clipboard managers class to solve this problem. They allow you to access all content that was copied by the user in the working, and to quickly insert the required object in the right place. Exactly such application can be found at this page.

CLCL 1.1.2Golden medal from

Clipboard CLCL 1.1.2
300 KB (portable)
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 32-bit
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ClipMate (1551 RUR)

CLCL 1.1.2

A small, but very comfortable and functional application for the Windows clipboard empowerment. It allows you to call a special menu that gives us an oportunity to insert all that was copied to the clipboard earlier. Such a possibility makes a life easier if you often need to type the same text or add images.

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