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Drivers Backup is the process of system software responsible for the performance of the different components of your PC reserving. Motherboard, video card, sound card, network card — this is only the minimum required for comfortable working at a computer. And there are also different Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-modules, card readers, video capture cards, and finally printers and scanners... And each of these "parts" requires its own special (and sometimes more than one!) driver.

It is usually a special CD with all necessary system software provides with your computer. But in practice it is often become the situations when the disc somewhere "disappears" . That's when it makes a sense to think about creating a copy of your installed drivers.

For this purpose, there are many apps, but more often they are paid. Unfortunately, among the freeware drivers backup applications there are often found ones which do not properly recognize and retain an information. As a result, we are again left with nothing. However, there are some apps that work quite well and sometimes even have unique features that are not present even in the paid counterparts! You can download such an application from this page.

Double Driver 4.1.0

Drivers Backup Double Driver 4.1.0
1.5 MB (portable)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32&64-bit
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Similar paid soft:
My Drivers

Double Driver 4.1.0

A not big application for drivers backup without the installation. It allows you to find all the drivers installed on your PC and save them for later recovery after the system reinstallation. But the main its feature is an ability to save the driver from not only a working system, but also from inactive or even unusable!

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