Boot USB

Boot USB may be useful for all owners of modern portable devices, such as netbooks, notebooks and tablets that do not have built-in CD-ROM drive. With such flash drive you can reinstall or restore the system, save data from the idle device, "clean" your device from viruses and perform any maintenance work.

In fact any properly prepared stick may be bootable, but manually preparations takes a lot of time. It is much easier to use for this purpose special applications.

The apps for bootable flash drives prepare can be divided into two large groups. Representatives of the first of them allows you to quickly transfer content to stick from one real boot disk or image. The applications of the second type can create multiboot flash drive, copying them to the contents of multiple drives and /or images. You can download the application of the second type, from this page.

xBoot 1.0 Beta 14

Boot USB xBoot 1.0 Beta 14
5.9 MB (portable)
Windows XP/Vista/7 32&64-bit
The home site:
Similar paid soft:

xBoot 1.0 Beta 14

Universal software for creating your own multi-boot assemblies of the operating systems and system tools. A ready multiboot image can be burned on DVD-ROM, or saved into a USB-stick. If you do not have images for your own assembly creating - not a problem, the application has a list of operating system and system tools available for free download. The advantage of this application is the ability to combine on a single disk or a flash drive at the same time working version of Windows and Linux.

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