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Password Keeper (or Password Manager) is a special application, which eliminates the need to remember a lot of the information you need for everyday computing on the Internet. The operating principle of such apps is next: you create a special storage for the confidential data and protect it with a password, which must be memorized. Then you enter the store, using the specified password, and fill it with the right information, which is usually stored in the form of cards or individual records in the database.

A good password manager can not only store, but also to enter data automatically into the fields of the web forms or applications you are working with. Exactly such a password manager can be found on this page.

S10 Password Vault 4.4

Password Keeper S10 Password Vault 4.4
0.4 MB (portable)
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32&64-bit, Android
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S10 Password Vault 4.4

An advanced password manager, which has many useful functions . Among these functions are the password stability to hacking checking, built-in password generator, forms auto-complete and many others.

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