Internet is the worldwide voluntary associated system of computer networks, based on the IP and data stacks routing usage.

Recently, the Internet has become available via the cell phones. This page is dedicated to cell phones applications, allowing work in the Internet.

UC Browser Mobile Browser: UC Browser Mobile medal
MIDP 2.0   English/Russian   0.7 MB (Java-archive in SFX)
Free JAVA browser for cell phones.
Opera Mini 8Browser: Opera Mini 8Golden medal
MIDP 1.0/2.0   English/Russian   0.3 MB (Java-archive in SFX)
Mobile internet browser for your phone. If you are working on the PC using the standard Opera, then you can use Opera Mini for your phone.
Jimm 0.5.1ICQ client: Jimm 0.5.1Golden medal
MIDP 1.0/2.0   English/Russian   0.4 MB (Java-archive in SFX)
Jimm is a freeware, multipurpose ICQ client for cell phones.

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