The Cell phones software section has not received proper development at our site, because these apps every day lose their relevance. Typically, if a mobile phone user wants to fully use his phone into work or studying - he just buys a normal smartphone with a large screen under Android or iOS (which are constantly becoming cheaper and are no longer a luxury item). The old phone also is used purely for calls and SMS, but not for torturing it with java-applications.

But for the old school fans, we also managed to collect some java apps in this section:

  1. 1. Internet
  2. 2. Education
  3. 3. Office
  4. 4. File

1. Internet

There are some Java-applications that help for comfortable using of the Internet in the cell phone, such as browsers and ICQ clients.

2. Education

The Educational software on the small screen of the cell phone is not the most practical thing. But here we collected some interesting findings, for example, such as a geometric calculator.

3. Office

Surprisingly but there are some office java applications for cell phones.

Particularly, we can find a spreadsheet soft (EXCEL analogue) here.

4. File

For files managing on a cell phone, there are special file managers written in Java.

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