Windows Software is the main part of There are over 300 qualitative free applications for this OS here and we always work at adding more new and update old ones.

For more convenience, all the apps are divided into the following categories:

  1. 1. Antiviruses
  2. 2. Graphic
  3. 3. Internet
  4. 4. Maps
  5. 5. Multimedia
  6. 6. Education
  7. 7. Office
  8. 8. Entertainments
  9. 9. System
  10. 10. Files

1. Antiviruses

Every computer needs software designed to protect from all kinds of malicious threats, whether boot viruses (taking root in startup - for example on the stick), worms (self-replicating program), Trojans (viruses disguised as useful programs and stealing important information), hacker attacks and other unpleasant things.

This subsection provides free antivirus software, counteracting all these troubles (antiviruses, firewalls, flash drives defenders, etc.) and restoring normal functionality of the computer, if the infection penetrated it (scanners, unlockers, boot disks, etc.).

Subcategories: Antiviruses, Restoring, Firewalls, USB drives.

2. Graphic

In this section you can download the software for graphics in all its forms: raster, vector, and even 3D.

If you need a drawing tool for kids, simple photo editor, vector editor or even real CAD (I mean - professional soft for sketching) - they're all here for us and for free. Not to mention the smaller apps like the diagram editor or screenshoters.

Subcategories: 3D, Vector, Raster.

3. Internet

This is the largest subsection at our site, as currently most software anyway using the Internet in their work, whether it is simple updates downloading or full integration with cloud technologies.

We keep all sorts of browsers, ICQ, Skype, torrents, clients, generators, managers, in general, everything that is useful for ordinary Internet users and webmasters here.

Subcategories: WEB Design, Chatting, File Transfer, Connection, Services, Surfing, Mass Media, Others.

4. Maps

It's the smallest subsection, because it has not been given much attention. Now there are quite a lot of free online maps (like Yandex or Google Maps) with which a small free apps cann't compete.

But here we also have some things to surprise you. For example, 3D subway map or a soft that allows you to virtually travel around the solar system.

Subcategories: none.

5. Multimedia

This subsection is a paradise not only for watch and listen lovers, but also for creative individuals, burning with the desire to create something multimedia with their own hands.

The software presented here allows you to play, create and edit music, videos and even flash applications. And if you have a dream to make your own game, but have no desire to learn any programming languages​​, then for this case you can find a freeware apps too.

Subcategories: Flash, Audio, Video, Others.

6. Education

Here you can find software for self education to various tricks, whether it be music, math, English or just your finances managing.

This section does not cover all existing sciences (which is basically impossible), but for some specific areas you can find very interesting and useful applications, such as: typing tutor, a calorie calculator, house accounts and so on.

Subcategories: Biology, Informatics, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Finances, Chemistry, Linguistics, Others.

7. Office

It is accepted to use a paid software, not to tremble in anticipation of the prosecutor's office check and for greater solidity in the decent offices. But, there are also a lot of free office software, which can save a lot of money for smart leader.

And here we collected just such an apps, starting with full office suites and finishing with a software stickers and comfortable calculators.

Subcategories: Calculators, Text editors, Accounting, Others.

8. Entertainments

All applications not covered anyway to work or studying, we collected in the entertainment subsection.

The Best free screensavers, calendars, tools wallpapers for changing on the desktop, and even consoles emulators can be downloaded here.

Subcategories: none.

9. System

In this hardcore subsection for harsh bearded nerds and quite green users are stored the apps for all kinds of fixing, tweaking, tuninig and sometimes even detuning (if it need) of your computer.

That is, all these defragmenters, optimizers, customizers, tweakers and other nerd soft is intended mainly to improving (in a rare cases - deterioration) of the computer work where they are installed. It is better to be cautious and careful with them in order to "do no harm."

Subcategories: Automation, Protection, Monitoring, Settings, Connection, Accelerators, Add/Remove, Emulators.

10. Files

If you need the app to work directly with the files (copying, replacing, burning to disk, etc.) - welcome to this subsection.

There are such a useful things as archiver, a file manager, a software for recovering of the deleted files, universal viewer, an application to find duplicate and so on.

Subcategories: Recovery, Viewing, Editing, Control.

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