The Android software section at our site is still only developing, because the main section is Windows software and it is in the main focus. But things are changing, mobile technology penetrate even appliances so this section may eventually become a major.

Meantime, here's what we have here (by categories):

  1. 1. Security
  2. 2. Internet
  3. 3. Multimedia
  4. 4. Education
  5. 5. Office
  6. 6. System
  7. 7. File

1. Security

Most recently, it was believed that viruses can exist only in Windows computers and laptops, but time passes and now mobile Android-devices also require some protection from these evils.

Therefore, in this section we collect mobile antivirus soft to protect your favorite Androids.

2. Internet

Here are the Internet software collected. Such as (browsers), communication apps (Skype, ICQ, QIP), etc.

3. Multimedia

A set of all possible players, or one or two universal players is an indispensable attribute of any modern computer, even if it is mobile. Because we cann't watch video and listen to music without these apps, not to mention the fact, to fully spend time on social networks.

Therefore, in this section we collect media players and related soft for work (and not only) under Adnroid.

4. Education

A Section of Android Educational software for now is only represented with Russia-English phrasebook, which would be suitable for those, who travels abroad.

5. Office

Recently, it becomes more and more popular to get a remote work, that is - work outside of the office, at home or even somewhere in the exotic country right on the beach. And often, for the job we need some office apps running on mobile devices.

Such applications we gathered in this topic to help you to perform common office tasks (for example - documents scanning) directly on your favorite Android.

6. System

Despite the small volume of memory on the mobile devices, sometimes they also require an operating system cleaning from the remnants of the deleted apps and other inhibitory effects.

In this case we have stored for you some applications for configuring and cleaning Aidroid OS.

7. File

File Management is one of the most important tasks when working with any computer. And convenient tools for working with files can save a lot of time and nerves for the user, that is - for you.

This section contains the best applications for files managing with the Andriod operating system: file managers and others.

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